Confirmed club activities – 21st & 22nd October 2017

Please see below confirmation of this weekend’s rides.

For safety reasons Saturday rides to Turweston are cancelled. The winds will be very strong with gusts up to 50mph. The wind speeds are too high to ride safely in a group, if at all, and while disappointing the sensible course is to cancel the rides.

There are three rides cancellations on Sunday – the Fast-A, C& D rides. If the ride you were planning to ride has been cancelled please see guidance at the bottom of this post.

Make sure you are covered

Participation in Bicester Millennium club rides and events is strictly at your own risk and liability. You are strongly advised to obtain 3rd Party Liability Insurance. You can do this easily by taking out membership of either British Cycling or CTC. Both of these provide the required Insurance AND they support cycling throughout Britain.

Also please make yourself aware of the BMCC Club rides protocol. These can be found along with many other useful bits of information on the following link –

Saturday 21st October 2017

All rides cancelled due to high wind.

Sunday 22nd October 2017

Mid A. Great Rollright Garden Centre. Route: LR042. 61m (98km)/18-19mph (29-31kph). (Richard Davies)
B. Canons Ashby. Route: LR062. 58m (93km)/17-18mph (27-29kph). (Andrew Hill)

Juniors & Coaching
Saturday 21st October - BMCC Juniors 1, BMCC Youth Coaching
Coached by: N/A

No coaching due to school holidays.


What to do in the event of ride cancellations

If you plan to take part in a ride that has removed from the calendar there are three options for you to ride with the club:

  • Come to the station and drop down to the next ride in the calendar (unless you were planning to ride the D ride),
    e.g. Fast A=>Mid A, B=>C, etc… If you drop down a ride, then you should ride at the slower pace of that ride so as not to disrupt the pace of the ride you are joining. Other members are joining rides which have leaders, are expecting to ride at the pace they are comfortable with and it is unreasonable for them to have to change their plans
  • You can step-up to the next ride in the calendar (unless you were planning to ride the Fast A ride), e.g. from C=>B, B=>Mid A, etc… In this case you should attempt to ride at the pace of the ride you are stepping up to – again so as not to disrupt the pace of the ride you are joining. As above, it is unreasonable to expect people expecting to ride at a certain pace to change their plans and you should be prepared to drop off the ride if you cannot hold the pace of the ride you are stepping up to.
  • Arrive at the station with a route for the pace you would like to ride and lead the ride. We will have more leaders and rides and everyone will be able to ride at a pace with which they are comfortable.

* – if someone steps forward to lead in the interim I will update the calendar but may not get the time to update the website. Please keep an eye on the calendar on website homepage for updates.


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