Club activities – week commencing 29th June 2020

We’re back 😁

As we don’t yet know how many people are planning to ride and how many ride leaders we need, this week (and until further notice) I’m not publishing a list of planned rides but am asking for ride pre-registration.

If you’re looking to ride Saturday and/or Sunday please head to the spreadsheet linked below to pre-register for the ride you want to do. The sheet contain two tabs (for Saturday and Sunday respectively).

Click here to pre-register

Even better still, why not add yourself to the list of riders who are prepared to lead on the day/s you are riding. If we don’t have leaders we don’t have rides and to follow current Government guidelines (max 6 in a group) we are hopefully going to need more ride leaders than has been the case in the past. If you want to help your club mates by leading and haven’t led a ride before and would like some advice let me know – more than happy to help.

Starting this week, and until further notice, the weekly process will be as follows:

Monday: call for pre-registration and ride leaders.
Tues & Wed: Ongoing reminders for pre-registration and ride leaders.
Thursday evening: Pre-registration will close at 6.00pm. I will give an outline of the number of pre-registrations, the likely number of rides and ask for more ride leaders if necessary.
Friday – 6pm: Close of final ride-leader registration process. Where rides are over-subscribed, a random draw will be made for each ride in the A, B, C, D groups and confirmation of rides will be published shortly afterwards, including those who miss out due to lack of ride leaders.

I will select the cafe stops submitted by members from the spreadsheet published previously (and linked below) and will aim to make are that no stop receives more than one ride per group (A, B, C, D) per day. Can I ask that members check the cafe spreadsheet and provide updates on the current listing and/or add new stops they know to be open? Thank you.

Click here to view cafe list

This is the first time that we’re running this process and hopefully we won’t encounter any teething troubles, but please bear with us if something goes slightly sideways.

Looking forward to seeing lots of you this weekend.


What to do in the event of ride cancellations

If you plan to take part in a ride that has removed from the calendar there are three options for you to ride with the club:

  • Come to the Leisure Centre and drop down to the next ride in the calendar (unless you were planning to ride the D ride),
    e.g. A+ => A, B => C, etc… If you drop down a ride, then you should ride at the slower pace of that ride so as not to disrupt the pace of the ride you are joining. Other members are joining rides which have leaders, are expecting to ride at the pace they are comfortable with and it is unreasonable for them to have to change their plans
  • You can step-up to the next ride in the calendar (unless you were planning to ride the A+ ride), e.g. from C => B, B => A, etc… In this case you should attempt to ride at the pace of the ride you are stepping up to – again so as not to disrupt the pace of the ride you are joining. As above, it is unreasonable to expect people expecting to ride at a certain pace to change their plans and you should be prepared to drop off the ride if you cannot hold the pace of the ride you are stepping up to.
  • Arrive at the Leisure Centre with a route for the pace you would like to ride and lead the ride. We will have more leaders and rides and everyone will be able to ride at a pace with which they are comfortable.

* – if someone steps forward to lead in the interim I will update the calendar but may not get the time to update the website. Please keep an eye on the calendar on website homepage for updates.


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