LR055 – The Barn, Wilstone

Route Map

Route Description

Launton, Marsh Gibbon, Edgcott and R twds Quainton and R again twds Quainton and then 1st R (sgd railway). Over X rds to Waddesdon. R at A41 and L at War Memorial, through Waddesdon Manor (1st L and 1st R; cross rd at top of hill, R at T and keep L, over bridge and on to Stone, Bishopstone. R after railway to North Lee. R at A4010 and L at Terrick rbt. In 1ml, L on Nash Lee Lane. At end of lane, take path and X main road. At B4009, go R and S/O at several rbts. L at rbt in ctr of Wendover and 1st R. In 1 ml, L twds The Hale. Keep L at top of 1:7 climb and L at T. Pass exit and entrance to Café in the Wood. R at T and 1st L to Aston Clinton. L at T and R at rbt to B489. Over A41, pass Wilstone Reservoir and The Barn café is on right after bend. R from café and L at rbt. Go through Long Marston, Wingrave, Aston Abbotts. S/O at X rds in Cublington. L at T and R at entrance to Dunton; through Hoggeston. R at A413 and L in 1 ml (sgd Swans Way – very tight turn!). R at T /Church in Granborough and L at The Crown. R at T, then L at T in Botolph Claydon. Calvert, Marsh Gibbon, Launton


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