LR060 – Skylark Fields Farm Shop

Route Map

Route Description

Bicester, Stratton Audley, Tingewick (via bridleway), Water Stratford, Dadford, Silverstone, Blakesley, Maidford, R at X in Preston Capes, L at green in Newnham, L at X roads, S/O at A361, 1st exit at A451 rbt and through Staverton, Skylark Fields Farm shop in ½ mile on L after village. R from café and R at road to Hellidon in village (next to car sales area). After pub in Hellidon, go R at 2nd ‘Village only’ sign. S/O at X roads near big masts. L at T and L at X roads. In Byfield, go S/O/take 3rd exit at funny rbt towards Church sgd Eydon and Farndon. In 1 ml go R at T and next L to Eydon. R at T in village. L at T and climb to Culworth. Through village and R at T. Next L to Sulgrave. Through village to Helmdon and R at T and L to Falcutt. L at B4525 and L to Syresham. R to Biddlesden, R to Westbury, Fringford, Caversfield, Bicester. (NB Add 2 miles if avoid Tingewick bridleway)


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