LR021B – National Herb Centre

Route Map

Route Description

Bicester, Caversfield, Fringford, Cottisford, Croughton, Charlton, King’s Sutton, R at A4260 (twds Banbury), L in 0.5ml sgd Bodicote, R at T and then L sgd Wykham. S/o at A361 X roads and keep R before “No Entry” sign at Broughton. L at T with B4035 and 1st R before Saye and Sele pub. Keep L at fork and R at next fork. L at T with B road and R at Five Ways (before Shutford). Fork L after stream and S/o at Alkerton X roads. Then L at T with A422 and 2nd R towards Ratley/Edge Hill. Pass large obelisk and R at T to pass Castle Inn. R at top of Knowle Hill on B4086. At B4100, go R and L into Herb Centre (32 mls). R from Herb Centre and R to Warmington. R at T in village and in 1 ml L over M40 to Mollington. R at T with A423 then 1ST L. R at T to Cropredy, keep L in village, over canal, thro Williamscot. R at A361 and 1st L, R and L at T to Chacombe, L and L in village, L at B4525 and 1st R towards Thenford, L at X rds, R to by-pass Marston St Lawrence, R at T and 1st L to Halse, Brackley, Turweston, Westbury, Fulwell, Fringford, Caversfield, Bicester


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