BMCC Silverstone 9up Time Trial 2018

Event details

Friday 15th June 2018
International Wing – Silverstone Motor Racing Circuit
Full Formula 1 Grand Prix Circuit 3.7 miles x 3 laps = 11 miles
The Hand Cycle AUK team will start at 6:45pm, first Bicycle team at approx. 7:00pm (TBC)
To be confirmed (it was £280 per team in 2017) – 9 riders per team

Presentations & Prizes given on the F1 Winners Podium at approx. 9pm

Access to Silverstone parking, garage areas / sign on from 4.30pm(TBC)… whilst people managed to come through at 4pm for the 2017 event, you may be held outside the circuit if you come earlier than 4:30 pm.
Access to the track for warm up from 6pm
Track cleared for event by 6:40pm
Hand cycling event commences at approximately 6:45pm
Up to 80 Teams dispatched from pit lane from 7pm onwards

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Charity Beneficiaries

We are pleased to announce that all profits will once against be distributed to local and nationally recognised Charities. In recognition of the amazing work they do, and given past events have been able to raise sufficient funds for them to go so far as investing in new equipment and hand cycle rigs, BMCC are delighted that the 2017 Silverstone 9upTTT will continue to support our long standing charity partner Hand Cycling Association UK.

In addition to the fund raising, we are once again very pleased to welcome 2 teams for 2017 – we understand that there are 2017 times to be bettered and rivalries to conquer!

Our other local 2017 Charities will be announced shortly – please link to the web site and our facebook page to watch out for details.

Last year we presented £5k to HCA‐UK with further donations to Children’s Brain Tumour Foundation, Medical Detection Dogs and Alzeheimers Society.

How to enter

The Silverstone Committee are fine tuning the entry process, reviewing team numbers per club, checking on the budgets and hire costs for the Silverstone Circuit – details of entry fee per team, and the registration process will be shared shortly.

Payment details

Cost per team
Provisionally £280 per team – TO BE CONFIRMED
Payable to
We will upload the entry sheet as soon as it is available


Take a lap around Silverstone with the BMCC B Team

Like what you see in the video – want to take part in this unique event?

Click here to email BMCC Secretary and receive event updates for the 2018 BMCC 9up Silverstone Team Trial

Watch the mini-doc from 2015 BMCC Silverstone 9-up TT

BMCC Silverstone 9-up Team Time Trial : FAQ’s

Q: What are the Rules of the 9-up TTT?
The Rules are on the sign on sheets and are reprinted here. Essentially we allow standard drop-bar road bikes and road riding kit & helmets.
We DO NOT allow Time Trial specific bikes or kit in order to have a level(ish) playing field. Money won’t buy you a win! 
NO wheels over 50mm deep, NO tri-bars, clip-ons or similar, and NO Aero helmets! Skin suits are allowed, though.
Teams will start without riders if they do not comply – so don’t let your team mates down by trying to bend the rules – if in doubt, email the organisers.
  1. Road bikes ONLY, no Time Trial bikes – riders will be refused entry if riding a TT machine (or a road bike with clip-on tri bars) in order to comply with our insurance terms. This is NOT negotiable.
  2. Wheels must comply with UCI rules 1.3.018, with exceptions being in ‘Non-standard wheels in conformity’ listed on
  3. HELMETS MUST BE WORN BY ALL RIDERS – NO HELMET, NO RIDE (and no pointy aero helmets).
  4. Timings are taken on the 5th member of your team so you need 5 riders to finish and get a time. Very important this bit. There is no point in dropping your 5th placed rider – not even in the sprint to the line.
  5. If a rider gets dropped by the team, the rider must LEAVE the track as directed by the Marshalls at the end of the Finishing straight.
  6. If your team is reduced to 4 riders or less, all riders must LEAVE the track as in Rule 5. 
  7. Mixed teams MUST finish with 3 of one gender and 2 of the opposite gender. For example, after 3 men have finished the time will be taken on the 2nd woman to finish. So be careful who you drop! See Rules 5 and 6.
  8. Please ensure your team wears similar team jerseys to aid identification. If we can’t recognize you, you might not get a time.
  9. Once you have finished the event please leave the track as directed by the Marshalls on the Left of the Finishing straight. DO NOT remain on the circuit to warm down as you WILL be disqualified.
Q: How does the event work?
Remember at all times that the clock is ticking and is counting down to your start time. If you miss your allocated start time then you do NOT get a second chance and you do NOT get a refund either.
  1. Once you have parked up, find your garage. This is where you will assemble your team and bikes. Feel free to set up turbos and rollers.
  2. As soon as you can, go to Race Control in Garage 16 to sign in and obtain your race numbers and timing tags. The tags need to be put onto your bikes (normally on the seat post) so that they are VERTICAL. The race number should go on the back of your jersey. Every rider must have a tag and a number.
  3. Warm up on turbos/rollers in your garage or use the Stowe Circuit opposite the car park entrance (be careful, the car park is always very busy).
    The F1 circuit is normally open for a “sighting lap” after 18:00. We will announce this over the P.A. system. Access to the F1 circuit is via Garage 1 and then down the pitlane (follow the Marshall’s direction, please).
  4. The F1 circuit is normally closed at 18:40 and you will be directed off the circuit and into the pitlane at this time. The Hand Cyclists start at 18:55 so it is VERY important that the track is clear. Gather your team in your garage.
  5. Your COMPLETE team needs to go to Garage 1 at the end of the pits 10 minutes before your allocated start time. Please do not turn up in 2’s or 3’s, or have eight turn up and say you are waiting for one person. The team that presents itself for scrutineering is the team that is competing.
  6. Your bikes and kit will be checked by our scrutineers. If everything is OK then you will be allowed out onto the pitlane to queue up in order of your starting position. If we have a problem, either the offending rider can withdraw and allow the rest to start, or the ENTIRE team must go back to their garage, fix the issue and return to Garage 1 for re-inspection.
  7. The race starts in the pitlane. Each team starts at 1 minute intervals and we have pushers for 2 teams. You will be allowed into the starting area with 2 minutes to go to your allocated start time. Riders will line up one behind the other in a long line. Please make sure that you know your starting order BEFORE you enter the start area – the order you enter the starting area is the order you will ride in !
  8. You will be held by the pushers with 30 seconds to go – and then released down the pitlane at your starting time. There will be a verbal countdown by the official starter.
  9. Follow the pitlane straight ahead – it goes under a bridge and then up a short rise onto the right hand side of the F1 circuit.
  10. Complete 3 laps of the circuit (11 miles), finishing on the Finish Line opposite the start line and pits – there is a timing gantry above the finish.
  11. Exit the track at the end of the finishing straight on the LEFT. There will be Marshalls who will direct you back to garage & warm down areas. Do NOT attempt to cycle back into the pitlane. Do NOT remain on the circuit to warm down – the race is still in progress even though you have finished.
  12. If you get dropped by your team then exit at end of your lap on the LEFT by the Marshalls (mandatory!)
  13. Mechanicals & Punctures – please get off the track! Each corner has a radio equipped Marshall and we have a Corley Cycles team car available to collect riders and bikes.
  14.  Injuries – if you can, get off the  track. The Marshalls will attend and Silverstone has a Medic Car and Ambulance available.
Q: Garages?
Yes, we will be in the F1 garages – with 2 teams per garage. The doors to the car park will be open; the doors to the pit lane closed. Access to the pitlane is ONLY through Garage 16 for spectators or through the tunnel next to Garage 1 for bikes & riders. Spectators are reminded that the pitlane is “live” with bikes so please be careful and follow the Marshall’s instructions.
Q: Turbos/Rollers and Warming Up/Down?
Yes you can set those up in your own garage for warming up and cooling down. Stowe circuit will also be available on the other side of the car park for warm up and warm down laps. Be careful as the car park is busy.
Q: Parking near garage?
This is tricky because of the sheer number of cars we have coming in a short space of time – there is no time to stop and chat and drive around so please follow the directions of Silverstone’s parking marshals. If you do have a team van with lots of kit, then as you approach the parking marshals hold up a piece of paper with your (big) garage number on it and they might at least send you in the right direction. But please don’t stop and discuss else some teams might not get parked in time to take part in the event.
Q: Can we turn up later?
As long as you are in plenty of time to sign on and pass scrutineering and still make your start time. If you miss the sign-on in the garages, then just head to Garage 16 to get sorted. BUT if you do not make your allotted start time, then you do NOT get a ride (there is no “going off last” at this event). This is not a good way to donate £250 as we do not offer refunds on what is, after all, a charity fund-raising event.
Q: Are spectators allowed?
Yes, spectators are welcome and entry is free. BUT we will be shaking buckets for our charities so please be generous AND absolutely no pets are allowed at Silverstone – sorry! If spectators are travelling on their own, please ask them to turn up about 7pm to help with parking pressure. Spectators will be allowed in the pit lane and perhaps into the cafe viewing area. Be aware that the competition teams start from the Pit Lane so please follow the Marshall’s directions.
Q: Toilets/Changing Rooms?
Plenty. There is a toilet with a changing area in each garage PLUS bigger toilet facilities in the main International Wing building that will be open.
Q: Food and Drink?
Silverstone Circuit will provide caterers for the event – last year a coffee stand and a concession with foot long hot-dogs !! Yum-Yum !!
Q: Problems?
Race Control will be situated in Garage 16 … we will do our best to help
Above all, enjoy yourselves! And remember to smile for the cameras . . .