BMCC Tommy Godwin 2016 – The Loops Option

June 18th approaches and thoughts turn to assembling at Bicester North Station at 4.30am. Ahead lies 205 miles in saddle – sore legs and a numb bum are pretty much guaranteed but so is an immense feeling of achievement when the task is completed.

As last year we will be running a ‘4 loops’ option with Bicester (or nearby) at the heart of the loops. The total mileage if you ride all four loops is a touch over 207 miles (plus whatever you ride to get to the station and home from the pub).

We run the loops option to give people the opportunity to challenge themselves and stretch their limits. If you’ve never ridden 100 miles before you can join a couple of loops and complete your first tonne. Maybe it’s time to step up further and go for the 150 – if so join three loops and you’ll hit your target. Whatever you choose to do on the day, you’ll have taken part in an event that will live in your memories for a long time.

We’ve had to tweak the routes a little from last year as the second and third pit stops have had to change. You can find all the details in the route info below. Just click the title for the loop to see the route map.

Route info:
Loop 1 - Bicester to Bicester. 51.6 miles with 1,840 feet of climbing
This is a ‘proper’ loop starting and ending in Bicester. The first stop is a ‘splash and dash’ at Sainsburys. Grab some water and energy and off we go.

Loop 2 - Bicester to Winslow. 51.2 miles with 2,640 feet of climbing
Up into the rolling countryside with some beautiful views. After the refuel this is the most climbing of any loop but is followed by what will be a good lunch to refuel at Jenny Wren’s

Loop 3 - Winslow to Woodstock. 52.4 miles with 1,300 feet of climbing
Flatlands – heading South-West from Wilmslow we ride all the way down to Eynsham, loop back up to Witney and then head to The Blenheim Buttery for much needed tea/coffee and cake. A little bit of climbing but nothing that’ll hurt you.

Loop 4 - Destination pub. 52.6 miles with 1,500 feet of climbing
The last leg before well deserved beers. We head South from Woodstock and form a figure-of-8 from Boarstall to Worminghall to Milton heading back to The Butcher’s Arms.

Based on last year’s ride I’ve estimated the timings for each loop and the total ride – see the table below. It’s a bit rough and so long as the weather is good is probably a bit pessimistic – it certainly didn’t help with the pace last year. Last year we got to the pub at just before 7.15pm and and pints in our hands very shortly afterwards.

tg timings 2016

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