BMCC Tommy Godwin 2016 – The Loops Option

June 18th approaches and thoughts turn to assembling at Bicester North Station at 4.30am. Ahead lies 205 miles in saddle – sore legs and a numb bum are pretty much guaranteed but so is an immense feeling of achievement when the task is completed.

As last year we will be running a ‘4 loops’ option with Bicester (or nearby) at the heart of the loops. The total mileage if you ride all four loops is a touch over 207 miles (plus whatever you ride to get to the station and home from the pub).

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BMCC Vets Silverstone 9Up

Another Silverstone video, this time from Mark Mallalue – BMCC Vets at the 9up

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Bicester Belles Rocking the BMCC 9Up at Silverstone

Awesome video from Cathie Taylor

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