The Committee – Contact details

Below are contact details for members of the committee. If you need to get in touch with anyone all you need to do is click the Email link.

Neil BrysonChair[email protected]
Kym JonesClub Secretary[email protected]
Aidan AllcockTreasurer[email protected]
David AndrewPresident[email protected]
Ashley HarrisMembership[email protected]
Samantha MessengerRacing[email protected]
Dominic AllkinsRide Secretary & Webmaster[email protected]
Kym JonesCoaching[email protected]
Neil BrysonKit[email protected]
Susan OldhamSocial[email protected]
Sara ManwaringPress[email protected]
Chris BolgerWelfare[email protected]
Joanne HooksDeputy Welfare[email protected]