Social Media & Communications

The BMCC is open and transparent in communicating with it’s members and other interested parties. We use the club Website, Facebook group, Twitter feed and Emails to provide information about club activities and other events that the committee feel are of interest to our members. The popularity and growth of social media sites, mobile technology and mass communications are of great benefit in helping members to connect with one another and also promoting club and non-club activities. 

Some aspects of these media platforms require managing and moderating, according to the policies below.

Club Website

The purpose of the club website is to promote the club and provide access to information on both club and non-club events and activities. The club committee will appoint a member to be in overall control of the website, with addition officials being granted access to provide information and updates as required. The site is permanently open to all viewers via the internet and as such it’s content at all times is strictly controlled to provide correct information about the club, it’s membership and activities.

Email Distribution List

The club uses email (via Mailchimp) to send out information on the weekly ride schedules and other upcoming events, as well as other notices relevant to the running of the club and it’s associated activities. The distribution list is managed by the committee and all members have the option to opt-in or opt-out of receiving such emails.

You can sign-up to receive emails by completing the online form at Mailchimp. Once you have signed up to email you can change your preferences at any time by clicking the ‘Update subscription preferences’ link at the bottom of any email you have received from the club.

Facebook Group

This provides a direct and open method of communication between club members and also non-members. Members may use it for the notification of events and activities directly associated with the club such as club rides, social rides, races, sportives, etc,  & passing on such information as is of benefit to the membership of the club. Membership of the Facebook Group is managed by at least 2 club officials, at whose discretion new group members may be added.

The Facebook Group is intended to provide and convey information that is relevant to the club. Any posts of a purely commercial nature or deemed to be offensive or bringing the club into disrepute may be removed at the discretion of the club officials at any time and without prior notice. Harassment, bullying, discrimination, breach of confidentiality, libelous or excessive defamatory remarks, inappropriate remarks or images or media of any kind may result in a post being removed as soon as known about by any club official. Serious breaches of this policy may result in revocation of membership of the Facebook Group and even the club.

WhatsApp Groups

The club uses a couple of WhatsApp groups – General Chat and Alerts – see links below for information on how to join either or both of these groups.

General Chat – this group is used for some general conversation and in addition to email and Facebook the weekly ride notifications will also be posted here. Join BMCC WhatsApp General Chat

Alerts – this group is specifically used for any high-priority alerts. This may be cancellation of rides on safety grounds, changes in group ride guidance from British Cycling, etc… Join BMCC WhatsApp Alerts

Route Planning & Plotting

A number of websites and applications exist to provide route planning tools and for the sharing of ride data. These may be used freely by members and posted as required but we would ask that you take great care to avoid direct reference to private residential or business addresses. Start and Finish locations should be points of reference such as Bicester Leisure Centre car park.