Insurance Cover

Through its membership of British Cycling, the BMCC has £10m Liability Insurance related to club activities, committee members and other officials of the club, members acting on the instructions of the committee, and certain non-member participation. Details of the clubs’ insurance policy can be found here on the British Cycling website.

Please note that Individual Club Members are specifically excluded from the British Cycling insurance policy.

Participation in club rides and other events is at your own risk and you are strongly advised to obtain Liability Insurance cover.

British Cycling has confirmed that club runs are a “ride of individuals” who are each responsible for their own actions and for obeying the law. Being on a ride with the BMCC does not remove your individual responsibility and liability. Likewise offering to lead a ride does not make you responsible for the actions of others.

Obtaining the required insurance is easy, and is normally done by taking out membership of the following organisations, which also help support cycling in Britain (though other providers do exist).