Complaints Procedure

Who may raise a complaint?

Any member of the club.

What may be complained against?

Any action or incident made either by another club member or by the club committee that may be against the club’s code of conduct (which is in essence in accord with British Cycling’s Code of Conduct document and guidelines which summarise the rights, relationships and personal and professional standard expected of individuals and volunteer staff in BC accredited cycle clubs).

How should the complaint be made?

By email, verbally or in writing to the club chair (unless the chair is named in the complaint, in which case the matter will be received and dealt with by the club secretary or another “permanent officer” of the club).

Who will investigate the complaint?

The complaint should be investigated by the club chair in conjunction with one other committee member (to include, although not exclusively, the club welfare or deputy welfare secretary or one other permanent officer of the club as defined in the constitution). If the complaint is against the chair, another member of the committee will investigate instead.

How will the committee respond to the complainant?

A decision on the outcome on this investigation will then be sent to the member who raised the complaint detailing the findings and the actions taken (if any) as a result.

What happens if the original complainant is not satisfied by the response?

They may request the committee review the decision. In this case, the original investigating officer will ask two other committee members who hold a “permanent officer” post to re-investigate the matter (if possible, the two new officers should not have been involved in the original assessment so that they may come to an independent view of how the original complaint was investigated and what the outcome should be). This second investigation and the decision arising from it will be final and will be communicated to the original complainant.

Neil Bryson
BMCC Chair April 2022