BMCC Club Ride Protocol

Our weekend rides are social rides and we have a great reputation for how well our rides are organised and run for the benefit of all riders. Please find below the ride protocol that we follow for all rides.

  • Participation in Bicester Millennium club rides and events is strictly at your own risk and liability.
  • Safety is the prime consideration of all riders on all rides.
  • All club rides are social rides; riders are not to disrupt these rides with their own training requirements.
  • Any changes to the ride routes, due to road closures, tea venues closed, will be published on the forum / by e-mail / announced on the morning of the ride, as appropriate.
  • New riders to the club are advised to start with the shortest ride to assess their riding standard.
  • Riders are expected to show good ride discipline by maintaining a steady pace and keeping in a tight group containing all riders.
  • All riders are expected to take responsibility for ride discipline. Ride leaders will advise new riders.
  • Traffic law allows only 2 riders side-by-side. There should be no riding 3 or more abreast.
  • When riders wish to change on the front of the ride, the rider on the outside moves across to the inside and the outside line moves up one place.
  • This ensures that the ride rotates smoothly up and down the lines.
  • On a hill the group should slow down to keep the ride together.
  • However, if the hill is long or steep, the ride will re-group at a safe place at the top.
  • No rider is to be left behind on a club ride unless they have specifically requested to be left. Riders should be prepared to drop-off the ride if they can’t maintain the minimum published pace.
  • Be prepared to push a struggling rider to keep the ride group together. In return, accept a push when necessary.
  • Riders have a responsibility to ensure that they are at a suitable level of fitness, in both speed and distance, before joining any club rides.
  • During the winter riding period (Nov – Feb) riders must fit full mudguards and flaps. At other other times of the year or whenever it is likely that there will be persistent road spray this is advisory. This is for the benefit of your fellow riders, the group as a whole and the cafes we visit. At other times of the year, as the weather conditions dictate, riders should use common sense.
  • Riders who do not use mudguards that prevent road spray may be asked to ride at the back of the group.
  • Riders must comply with the Road Traffic Act, and use suitable and sufficient lights in falling rain and poor light conditions.
  • Riders will show consideration to vehicles on the road, by going to single file to allow a traffic build up to clear. Riders should not wave traffic past the ride while out with the club, as others in the group might not be aware of their actions and it may provide mitigating circumstances in the event of an accident.
  • Riders must exercise due caution when riding in built up areas.
  • Riders must slow down when in the vicinity of horses, and call out a warning when approaching horse riders.
  • Riders are expected to use a roadworthy bicycle, and carry spare tubes, pump and tools.
  • Riders are advised to wear a suitable helmet at all times, and carry wet weather protection when conditions dictate.
  • Riders are expected to show due consideration to each other whilst on club rides and should not behave in any way which might bring the club or its membership into disrepute.
  • Riders are expected to have third party insurance cover; this available by joining BC, CTC or via insurance companies.
  • Minors (under 16) must have valid BC membership, and either a) be accompanied by a parent or guardian, or b) parents of said minor must have made prior arrangements for a responsible accompanying adult rider to act in loco parentis.
  • Members can, of course, arrange their own group rides, but it is expected that members will have due consideration for the organised club rides and not to unduly disrupt or detract from them.
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