The Committee

Below is a little bit of info about the members of the committee. If you need to get in touch with anyone all you need to do is click the Email link at the bottom of their bio.

Steve Milicia, Chairman

Steve Milicia
I used to ride everywhere as a child and loved the freedom that my bike offered me growing up in Yorkshire and Wales. I then lost the urge to cycle until I discovered BMCC back in 2005.

I have always found the members of BMCC to be friendly, welcoming and ready to share their passion and knowledge, something I definitely needed in the early years of getting back into road cycling and I’m still learn today.

I enjoyed the club so much I wanted to give something back and have been Club Secretary, then Treasurer and now I am lucky enough to be your club chairman. A role I enjoy and am honoured to hold. I’m always happy to hear feedback and believe and that nobody has all the answers, so if you have an opinion, suggestion or idea please let me know either by e-mail, phone or when I am out on a ride.

Neil Bryson, Club President

Neil Bryson
El Presidente
I started cycling when I was about 13, riding to and from school in all weathers and envying a friend who had a 10 speed bike (I only had a 3 speed Sturmey-Archer at that stage). I bought my first proper bike for fun rather than for commuting in 1998, and graduated to a bike with shifters where the brake hoods are in 2000, riding from Rome to London on this in 2003.

I joined BMCC in 2005 when I needed some impetus and help with group riding skills in preparation for my first Etape that year. I’ve served the Club in several capacities over the years and I’m proud to have been BMCC’s Chairman from 2010 to 2014. Still trying to ride further, faster and get lighter…

Jo Morey, Treasurer

Jo Morey
Cycling for me is freedom – so many routes out of Bicester (!), soon into wonderful countryside, with cafe stops and the satisfaction that comes from using your own steam. From childhood cycling around the streets, onto commuting and escaping to the countryside after work, I still feel I’m off on an adventure whenever I set out for a ride.

I can now be found hanging on to the D rides where I can say I’m well looked after by our encouraging club members.

Dominic Allkins, Ride Secretary

Dominic Allkins
Ride Secretary/Webmaster
I spent my teenage years cycling all over south Lincolnshire (no hills) and only the rain or snow would stop me.

Life took over and I didn’t sit on a bike again until 2013 when I came home from work in January to proudly announce that I’d bought a bike. Mrs Dom queried my sanity but I told her it was her fault – she kept telling me I was fat. One thing led to another and I think that the number of bikes is now close to ‘d-1’.

I joined BMCC to help me develop my cycling and it was the best thing I could have done. I have learned an enormous amount and along the way met some amazing people. I now have the (dubious) honour of being both Ride Secretary and Webmaster and love doing both roles 🙂

Chris Wayman, Racing Secretary

Chris Wayman
Racing Secretary
I didn’t grow up riding a bike (a nasty accident when learning as a child put me off). But I grew up watching the Tour and loving seeing the racing. It wasn’t until my late teens that I learned to ride, when a French exchange student appeared disgusted that I didn’t know how to. I did little bits and bobs and felt that I needed to do more.

It started off on a mountain bike packing 4 litres of drink and sandwiches and seeing how far I could go in an hour, stopping eating and returning home. Eventually I decided to join the club in March 2012 after scoping out a couple of routes downloaded from the club website and trying them out myself.

Straight away I went to the Time Trails – they were a great way of improving fitness and an immediate way of giving back to the club. I progressed that first year from 36:20 to 28:14 over 10 miles and won the Chairman’s Cup for being the best overall achiever at Weston on the Green (TT venue).

I joined the committee as racing secretary that November. This mostly composes running the weekly (during the summer) TT’s. However, I have also organised Road Races for the club and help people who want to race in all aspects of cycling find racing to take part in.

I was fortunate enough in 2013 to be awarded the Stuart King Trophy for the contribution to the club. Since taking over the running of the Time Trails the number of people of all abilities and ages has increased with lots of people to meet, talk to get advice from whilst testing yourself.

Come along on a Tuesday night before 7pm to have a go.

Simon Nicholson, Social Secretary

Simon Nicholson
Social Secretary
Simon Nicholson Member since 2010

Born when TV was Black & White, Initially from Solihull, lives in Wendlebury.
Usually found on the B weekends and 50:50’s or organising Club Nights on Thursdays.

Talk to me about any activities you would like to see at Club Nights, 50:50 routes,
and pretty much anything else bar Football.

Kym Jones, Secretary

Kym Jones
Like most kids riding a bike was my mode of transport and this continued when studying in the USA. On returning to the UK life and work took over and the car or train became the ways that I got around. The bike was a distant memory.

Inspired by a great cycling friend I bought a hybrid bike in early 2013 and as the weather improved so did my cycling as I explored the roads and villages around Bicester. Challenges followed and after completed 100km in Nightrider 2014 I started my journey with BMCC – acquiring a road bike (and MTB), learning about group riding, camaraderie and the importance of cake.

BMCC gave me the confidence and ability to take on challenges like Ride London 100 and Cotswold Crank Up to name just two and I’m now enjoying help support the club in the role of Club Secretary and encouraging others to get riding.

Elaine Plant, Co-Press Secretary

Elaine Plant
Co-Press Secretary
I re-discovered my childhood love of cycling three years ago when I did a charity bike ride on a very old and heavy mountain bike. I was very unfit and had to walk up every hill but I loved it! Soon after I bought my first road bike and, encouraged by my husband, joined BMCC. I was terrified on that first ‘taster’ ride but I needn’t have worried, everyone was so encouraging and friendly that the nerves soon went!

Since then I have ridden in many Sportives, time-trialled, mountain biked and even learnt to ride a track bike at a velodrome! Cycling has made me challenge myself physically and mentally, has made me fitter and stronger but most of all has given me an amazing and diverse new set of friends who I would never have met if I hadn’t taken that first scary step!

David Andrew, Membership Secretary

David Andrew
Membership Secretary
I have lived in Bicester since 1997 and for many years my cycling was just limited to venturing round the lanes on an old mountain bike.Things changed when a company I was working for introduced a fitness scheme allowing me to buy sports equipment or join a gym so I popped down to Halfords and bought myself a road bike. After a few rides I was hooked and wanted to cycle more and further.

I didn’t know about BMCC until I met a friendly BMCCer out on the lanes who told me about the club and the taster rides. That was about 4 years ago and since then I have enjoyed discovering how fortunate we are to live such lovely countryside for cycling even if there are a few too many potholes on the road but what makes it more enjoyable is cycling with the club. I try to get out most weekends on a club ride and in the summer I’ll try and get down to Weston on the Green and have a go or help out at the time trials. My highlights with the club have been doing the Silverstone Team Time Trial and clocking my first 100 miler.

Simon Hudd, Kit Secretary

Simon Hudd
Kit Secretary
I’ve been cycling for as long as I can remember – always loved everything about the bike; the freedom, the speed, the technical side… After finishing university a little bit worse for wear in the aspect of health & weight, I started cycling again and haven’t looked back.

Having been a member of BMCC since February 2001, I’ve seen the club grow and evolve into what it is today and have been incredibly proud to be part of this years race team. A really great squad with a huge amount of fun & banter – I’d recommend anyone to give it a go.

Cycling kit – both bike & clothing – is a bit of an obsession for me. I think I’ve found my vocation to look after our club apparel.

Abbie Howson, Child Protection

Abbie Howson
Welfare Officer
As the Welfare Officer I have responsibility for safeguarding and protecting the under 18 members and vulnerable adults who take part in the club activities. I have to undertake specific training for the role and am the first point of contact for anyone who has any concerns about my area of responsibility- or any related queries- so please feel free to contact me.

I have been cycling on and off as long as I can remember. There was a bit of a gap when my children were small, but it was the purchase of a road bike for my son when he turned 18 that brought me back to 2 wheels with a vengeance. One thing led to another and we both joined BMCC in that year.

I served on the committee from early on, being Social Secretary and then becoming Welfare Officer when we started to take junior members.

I get out with the club as often as I can and am a keen supporter of our time trial events, whether as a competitor or helping out.

Mike Hobbs, Coaching Secretary

Mike Hobbs
Coaching Secretary
Cycling has always been important to me, from the moment in childhood when I achieved balance on a bike, and particularly because of the sense of independence and freedom it gave. Having built a ‘tracker’ from old parts found on the tip, I progressed from road to off-road riding before there were such disciplines as cyclocross or mountain biking!

In adulthood, cycling was my preferred means of getting to and from work both when I lived in London and after moving to Oxford, and cycle touring is a great way to access and see places. My last tour, with my son, was along the Danube from Vienna to Budapest.

I came to club cycling and BMCC after retirement and the London Olympics, having been inspired particularly by the fantastic experience of working as a volunteer ‘Games Maker’ for the paralympic track cycling events at the (then) new London Velodrome. This and my public health interest motivated me to do more to promote cycling, especially for children and young people.

Initially I trained as a cycling road safety (‘cycling proficiency’) tutor with Oxfordshire County Council, then as a cycling coach with British Cycling. Having worked with the charity Wheels for All, which provides cycling experience for people with a wide range of disabilities, I extended my training to coach people with disabilities; and I am now involved with British Cycling’s development of a Disability Hub at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

Cycling offers sustainable transport and the potential for people to achieve and maintain fitness and health, thereby heading off two of today’s chief perils. It’s also great fun, as all at BMCC know! I want passionately for others to have these benefits.